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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 13, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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i'm beth troutman. this is "right this minute." and we have videos first. lost at sea for weeks. 58 refugees happen to run into -- >> the world's largest cruise ship. >> the story of the amazing rescue and the refugees' odyssey from a hurricane. daredevils or just dumb? they're about to find out. >> never a good sign when you see the bull start doing the thing with the hoof. >> what happens when the bull finally means business?
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flood in florida leaves stalled cars and when a driver tries to squeeze by. >> watch what happens. >> why hitting a mercedes was probably a bad move. >> see how a horse managed to take a load off. >> that's not like somebody on the other side of the camera? >> it's not. >> it's not. >> don't ever think it, folks. just go along for the ride. >> that's weird. our first video today is of a pretty remarkable rescue, but the details of this rescue might surprise you a little bit. what you're seeing is the rescue of 58 haitian refugees. they're all on board that very small ship and according to reports, they had been lost at sea for around 22 days. >> whoa. >> i think ship is a generous word. that many days, 58 people. how did they fit? >> this rescue came to be because of the "allure of the
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seas," royal caribbean's largest ship, the world's largest cruise ship. they are the ones rescuing these refugees. you see a rescue boat from the "allure of the seas" heading towards this small boat. they bring this boat in and tie it to the "allure of the seas." coast guard did oversee this rescue. at one point you can sees the captain on the bridge of the ship, kind of discussing what's going on. >> the contrast of these images is remarkable. this ramshackled little sailboat up against the most luxurious ship on the seas. >> the "allure of the seas" had to change its course back in august due to hurricane isaac. they went to jamaica, spent a day at sea and they were headed to mexico instead. had they not angedheir course ty nevou have intercepted a distress signal coming from this boat full of refugees. they immediately got medical
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attention, showers, food. one of the passengers actually blogged about this incident. she said that after the refugees were brought on board the captain brought the people who were on the ship together to explain the situation. according to law, he had it to turn these haitian refugees over to mexican authorities. according to people who were on the ship the captain was visibly upset over this. >> they're lucky to just run into this boat. thankfully the biggest boat out there. ♪ don't mess with a bull, young man. you'll get the horn. what has been great advice for this man. this is a bull ring in spain. you see this man in the front with the light blue top. he starts punching the bull. >> oh, boy. >> never a good sign when you see the bull start doing the thing with the hoof. >> i thought that was just in
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cartoons. >> whoa! >> oh, my gosh. >> he's still going. >> and he's still going. >> oh! >> this guy -- oh, my goodness. he got the horns and then some. >> he got the horns, he got b k bucked. he was all over the place. >> he started taunting the bull, but he didn't realize how fast this bull was and as he was trying to run away from him over the stairs, the bull got him and threw him in the air, went down the other side of the stairs and continued to gore the guy. fortunately the bull is distracted by one of the other guys and someone else comes in, picks him up, and drags him outside of the ring. >> just threw him over the wall, like toss him over the wall. >> at that point he thesed to just get him out. >> yeah. >> needless to say, he was hurt but he is okay. i just have to say this prisoner who escaped from the loss lieu nas jail in new mexico, didn't have a hard time
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getting out of jail. the person you're observing there is identified as zachary green by the police department, and as you saw, he came out of the cell. he's in the lobby area and he's peeking through the window. and he's going to check and see if anything is out there. and he goes back into his cell. he repeats this two more times and on the third time he just leaves. >> did they forget to lock the door. >> they said this was the only time that a prisoner escaped because that door is supposed to have a self-locking mechanism and it didn't work. >> i would think on the checklist of things you need to make sure are done when you put somebody in the jail cell, you make sure the door is locked. >> why aren't there guards anywhere in sight? >> the police department said these are self-locking doors, so he wasn't being watched because they presumed once somebody is in the cell, they can't get out. >> maybe do a little tug on the door for the night. >> he was caught the next day in albuquerque. >> it would have been funny if the cell locked him out. could you get in trouble for that? i'm locked out of the cell. i'm trying to go back in.
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do you think there was a department meeting after this video surfaced. >> there was a department meeting, i'm sure, and they are changing all the locks, just to make sure this doesn't happen again. some heavy storms caused some localized street flooding in sarasota, florida. a photographer got video of the cars trying to navigate the streets and get through. he was able to capture a couple cars that got stranded in the floodwaters. the cars stalled trying to get through. but that's not the story. see this nice mercedes and an audi stuck in the water. as they're sitting there, this pick-up truck cruises through the water. you can kind of see how deep it is. shortly thereafter, a honda civic tries to get through the water as well. watch what happens. >> oh, my god. >> oh! ouch. >> into the car and the tree. >> and keeps going. >> my, my. >> the only thing i can think of
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here the guy driving the honda thought i better get up ahead of steam if i get through this water. tries to squeeze through beside the two cars that are stalled in the water. manages to lose control. smack a tree and keeps going. witnesses on the scene also say that honda hacked into one of the cars stalled in the water, essentially creating sort of a hit and run. >> and now this camera guy has eight super clear shots of the guy's license plates. >> will be talking to the court system. a guy gets his bike stolen, but sweet revenge comes weeks later when he catches the dude riding it down the street. >> hey, that's my bike. >> is it really? >> yeah. >> the fiance in the car says, by the way, we've got a police report and here it is. >> find out how it all ends. and -- >> right this minute we do a lot of skype interviews, right? >> yes. >> we haven't done one like this.
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man's best 4#çññevñmóñ
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getting a ticket really sucks. so, there is nothing better than sweet revenge. this video was taken by a guy who goes by the youtube name of bacon moose. he just showed up to pay his red light camera ticket and look at how he paid his $137 ticket. he took 137 video dollars and folded them up into, guess what, origami pigs. >> oh. >> not even ducks or birds or anything. he made pigs. >> and delivered them in a doughnut box. >> they don't say necessarily what state the cash has to be in when you turn it in. >> what's that? >> it's the 137. >> i am not going to take it like that.
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>> the clerk was upset. he wasn't going to be unfolding 137 very funny pigs. >> i don't like it when people call cops pigs and a cop didn't give him a ticket. it was a red light ticket. >> he finally calls the cops and this -- look at his reaction. >> not going to accept that. >> he was surprisingly amused by the whole thing and even took a picture of the folded up origami pigs. >> little piggys in a doughnut box. i got it. >> they convince him to unfold all the pigs. >> and now he's going to spend all the time it takes to unfold them to pay this red light ticket. he wasted more of his day than anything else. >> poetic justice is what he was after. >> i will give you props. you've made me laugh for the day. if you've ever had something stolen from you that hit in your stomach, the horrible feeling, it stinks, but getting it back is pretty darn good.
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uploader of this video says he was driving with his fiancee two weeks after his bicycle was stolen out of his garage when he noticed somebody riding his bicycle. >> hey, that's my bike. >> is it really? >> yeah. where did you get that? >> i got it from my buddy. >> tea from our garage. that's his bike for sure. >> are you sure about that. >> those handles, that seat it's exactly. it's been reported to the police. >> they take it back. >> take it back. >> i love it. >> does the guy put up a fight? >> doesn't look like it. >> i took it from my buddy [ bleep ]. >> not from me. >> it's a thousand dollar bike. >> how do i know if it's yours or not. >> i have a police report. you want me to look it up. >> by the way, we've got a police report and here it is. he didn't put up much of a fight. >> it's great because the guy doesn't notice he's being followed by a bike. >> i love it. they saw him, luckily this guy pulls down an alley. what are the chances of that. follow him, corner him, busted.
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>> that's my bike. >> is it really? >> yeah. >> it's important to point out that there are no sound effects and no editing in this next clip. keep that in mind. >> not surprising that nick loves this. this is in san diego and this horse is like trying to find a comfy spot, maybe to roll over. he rubbed one out. >> rubbed one out. >> he didn't rub one out. >> he rubbed a fart out. ♪ >> are you sure that's not somebody on the other side of the camera making noises. >> it is not. i grew up with horses. >> my horses would kick their legs and go -- and one lady in the video kind of has sympathy for the horse. >> can you imagine having all that air in your intestines how
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good that must feel. >> exactly. >> how funny this horse can't just walk around and do it. this horse has to flip over, put his back legs in the air and shove it out. >> hey, everyone has their technique. to each his own. >> pull my finger. >> gross. we should pull his finger. >> that's weird. that lives in the office. >> oh. a not so ordinary rescue. >> this is a gray horned owl. you're talking talons. >> does that have a broken wing? >> next right this minute. and still to come -- big trail, no problem for buster the mountain biking dog. >> he's hanging out with his paws on his buddy's back and just like chillin'. >> got buster in a baby bjorn. >> hear all about buster next.
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and it's a toy commercial. >> for adulthood. >> oh. >> yep. wait until you see what grownups get to play with. [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin...
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[ joycelin ] it was a typical morning. i was getting ready for work, and then i got this horrible headache, and then i blacked out. [ female announcer ] ...who thought she had reached the end of her story. [ joycelin ] the doctor told me i had two brain aneurysms ndhat one of them had ruptured. [ female announcer ] fortunately, she was treated at sutter health's california pacific medical center. [ joycelin ] the nurses and doctors were amazing, and they were like a second family to me. and now i'm back to doing what i love. [ female announcer ] california pacific medical center and sutter health. our story is you. let's do a best of rtm segment. >> sounds about right. >> where we tell you about bonus videos you can find on our website. >> this is like real like top gun, but it's not a movie. this is a video to sort of
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commemorate the winners of last year's raceon trophy for outstanding aerial achievement given to the top air to air squadron in the u.s. air force. the coolest part about it, the entire thing was shot by pilots themselves. >> now this is a video that will blow your mind, steven. it's actually called amazing facts to blow your mind. >> muss rooms are more closely related to animals than plants. >> mind blown, right? all kinds of facts in this video. if you want to check out either one or both, head to >> and click on. >> best of rtm. >> mountain biking great to do with your buds and get out in nature. >> get dirty. >> get dirty. this is the luge in orange county, about 1,000 foot hard core mountain bike drop. the guy taking the video is brig campbell, my cousin actually. >> oh. >> the guy in front is his buddy
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paul west. there's two buddies riding up front. can you catch it? here let me show you a better view. >> oh! >> and -- >> you're right, buster the dog. >> he riding with his best friend. buster has been doing this since he was a puppy. he's 2 years old. a jack russell terrier. and paul can't get out of the carriage without buster going crazy trying to go for a mountain bike ride. >> i like he's got buster in a baby bjorn. >> yeah. >> look at how controlled buster is. he's hanging out with his paws on his buddy's back and just like chillin' and enjoying the ride. >> tell us more about this bro ride is my cousin brig campbell joining us. brig, what was this like? it's cool riding with your about buddy but also with buster. >> very cool. i didn't know the dog was going for the ride the first we went. he asked if his dog could come along. we got on our bikes and we take
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off. where is the dog? he turned to me. he had a backpack on and the dog stuck in the backpack with its head sticking out. >> can you tell us about what buster does when they pull the mountain bikes out of the garage. does he freak out? >> he knows when paul puts on his riding stuff and gear on, be it's time to go. when i go to pick him up he opens up the garage door and buster comes flying out. >> as a puppy he was small so paul stuck him in the backpack just riding around with him. eventually buster got comfortable back there. now he goes down the most difficult trails in orange county no problem at all. guys, every once in a while we'll come across an old toy commercial that reminds us of our childhood, right? think back to the awesome times. now an l.a.-based artist has come up with a bit of a toy commercial for adulthood.
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>> oh. >>. ♪ it's adulthood >> you can be alcohol and cigarettes here comes sinister checkbooker and his heavenman pregnancy test. >> i know not scary for everyone. >> pregnancy tests can be fun. >> unless you're a single bachelor. continue. ♪ maybe i can help >> who will win this epic showdown? not you. >> it's not really that great. it's adulthood. whether you like it or not. >> there's something in this commercial we will have to blur. a toy gun. >> no, it's not. >> it's not a toy gun. >> the motto for this commercial, it's not really that great, it's adulthood. >> i kind of tend to agree. >> i like adulthood. >> not as fun as when you were a kid. >> don't be bummed. life is what you make it. >> yeah, steven.
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♪ it's a video that's got us saying -- >> it's like no other music video i've seen. >> see what this one is all about, next on "right this minute."
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new yorkers rejoice, you all live in a mansion compared to this. this is in warsaw, poland, they are building the thinnest house in the world. at its widest point it is four
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feet and at the narrowest it is about 28 inches. that means that you are having to live in a space that is about this wide. ♪ it's going to be two stories. on the top level will be the bedroom and the stairs are actually going to go up and down with the touch of a button to become the floor of that first floor. >> man. >> this was actually built as an art installation. no one is actually going to be able to buy and live here, although they are going to open it up to artists and riders, to take up residence. >> this would be where you would stay if you wanted to write edgar allen poe-everything stories. >> where do you put your clotheses? >> under the bed. >> you get hot in that space. >> right this minute we do a lot of skype interviews, right? >> yes. >> we haven't done one like this. [ inaudible ]. >> apparently dina's owner
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missed her so much, he skyped with her and she had a list of woes. [ inaudible ]. >> she's trying to figure out now he's talking to me and usually i can jump on him at this point but he's not hear. >> at one point she actually was looking under the table. >> it sounded like she said hi at one point. >> she said how? how are you doing this? how did you -- what? >> either a how -- or a hello. >> hello. [ inaudible ]. >> technology blowing the mind of this dog right now. >> i think she's well taken care of and loves the man on the other end of the skype. >> can't get a treat from him now though. [ inaudible ].
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this is the beginning of a music video from the belgium band willow and their song "sweater." at first glance you're like pretty simple set here. wait until you see the places we go in this video. you see, there's some sort of treadmill like device in the floor. makes its way down the stairs. >> oh. >> in this video, the character goes outside. he takes an escalator down to the subway. he walks through a park. he stands and waves in shallow ocean water. that's my favorite part. he goes sailing. he is underwater like he's scuba diving. he goes everywhere and it's all shot in studio with three projectors. the projectors are on each of the walls and the floor. while it's created, it's like no other music video i've seen. >> and super interactive which
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is awesome. >> you know what i like is they didn't try to make it so slick that you couldn't tell what was going on. you can still see the seam in the wall, a little bit on the floor. i like that. >> i agree with you. you're in on it, see how this thing works. towards the end of the thing he transports himself through some sort of portal. >> i love it. >> it's so cool. it's a shame that nobody watches music videos anymore because they're not on tv. thankfully we're here to tell you at least about this totally cool, totally rad music video. i love it. the song is pretty good. that's going to do it for "right this minute." thanks for joining us and we'll see you next time, everybody. whitening toothpaste.
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